Wired Wafer Paper Flower Tutorial

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Wafer paper flowers are ultra light, thin, detailed and translucent. Here is an easy tutorial for you guys...

You will need:
1-2 sheets of Wafer Paper
Flower Mold
Wires 26"
Sponge or a brush 

Cut wafer paper in to a petal. I used peony cutter large and med size for this flower. Just draw around with a pencil and cut out 6 of each size. 
Dip sponge into the vodka and make a petal wet, pressing into each line.  
Put a wire on outside or the inside of the petal depends on the shape of flower mold. Let it dry for 1-2 hours until it comes of easily. 
Here is a Tutorial on how to color and make leaves. 
Wires are often come off. I use Tylose powder mixed with a little water to glue it back on. 
For the middle I used beads from Hobby Lobby. 

After all the petals are dry: arrange the flower carefully, using pliers to grab under the petals. You can add pearl shimmer to the petals or powder color too. Decorate a  cake with these  beautiful flowers! 


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